20 Things Which Litigants To Take Care While Appearing in Courts


  1. Do not interfere in the proceedings while the learned Judge is busy in other matters.
  2. Wait for your turn till your case is called out.
  3. Do not come near the dais and stand; except to appear in your own case.
  4. Do not discuss the merits of your case with the staff; contact your lawyer and discuss your matter with him only.
  5. Do not bribe the staff; if a bribe is demanded by the staff, please bring it to the notice of Ld. Judge.
  6. Be courteous to the staff in court and in turn, they will be courteous to you.
  7. Wait for your turn when the staff members are otherwise busy in attending to similar requests.
  8. Do not bring any arms, mobiles, cameras etc. into the court premises.
  9. Switch off your mobile phone before entering the court room.
  10. Do not litter, spit or spoil the court building and furniture.
  11. Do not talk loudly or assemble in the corridors and in the court room.
  12. Do not bring other people with you if they are not parties/witnesses in the case.
  13. It is advisable not to bring children to Court unless their presence is necessary.
  14. Do not smoke in the court premises as it is a ‘No Smoking Zone’.
  15. Do not violate the court etiquette or write letters directly to the Judge or to superior courts. Instead file review/revision or an appeal as per law.
  16. Do not try to approach or influence the judge in any manner.
  17. Park your vehicle at proper parking place and do not leave the same on the road.
  18. Try to use Metro Train or public transport to reach the Court Complexes as there is limited parking space available for litigants.
  19. Please mention your age with your name and also try to mention age of other parties in pleadings so that cases of senior citizens may be taken up on priority.
  20. Please respect your Lawyer.
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