Benefits Of Mediation For Litigants


(1) Procedures more satisfying results

• Helps settle all or part of the dispute much sooner than regular trial.
• Permits a mutually acceptable solution that a court would not have the
power to order.
• Saves time and money
• Preserve ongoing business or personal relationships
• Increases satisfaction and thus results in a greater likelihood of a lasting

(2) Allows more flexibility, control and participation

• Tailors the procedures used to seek a resolution
• Broadens the interests taken into consideration
• Fashions a business-driven or other creative solution that may not be
available from the court.
• Protects confidentiality
• Eliminates the risks of litigation

(3) Enables a better understanding of the case

• Provides an opportunity for clients to communicate their views directly and
• Helps parties get to the core of the case and identify the disputed issues.
• Helps parties agree to exchange key information directly.

(4) Improves case management

• Narrows the issues in dispute and identifies areas of agreement and

(5) Reduces hostility

• Improves the quality and tone of communication between parties.
• Decreases hostility between clients and lawyers.
• Reduces the risk that parties will give up on settlement efforts.
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